Driving sustainable agriculture through strategic partnerships. We appreciate the support of companies committed to the cause, who share our vision of a responsible agricultural future. With your support, we move forward together in promoting sustainable practices and positive impact on society and the environment.

For those who choose the Agroecological Transition, Libertas offers a safe path to more intelligent and profitable food production, without contaminating the environment and people. Through their specialized consultancies, they currently serve more than 50 large food producers throughout Brazil, teaching them how to produce their fertilizers on their own farm, at a low cost and with higher quality than purchased fertilizers.

Company specialized in the production of agricultural fertilizers for more sustainable, economically viable management and with proven agronomic efficiency, always aiming at the nutritional balance of the soil. With the aim of bringing a new concept of agriculture, highly sustainable and profitable, through innovative products, using resources efficiently, consciously, preserving productive capacity and continuously improving it, taking care of the soil and generating a better quality of life.

Company that offers technological advantages for solving problems related to soil and environmental microbiology, seeking to optimize and adapt agricultural management to the use of biological resources present in soils and associated with plants, in addition to solving the lack of technical knowledge related to the development of new biological products, and helping to understand the results of these applied in cultivation areas.

Pioneer company in the production of biological inputs for agriculture and the environment. Delivering its products and services in an accessible way, based on innovation and sustainability through sustainable, organic and natural agriculture.

EcoAgrícola offers the Agribusiness universe agricultural equipment that guarantees high performance and robustness, it has the largest line of composters in Brazil, and its composters have performance up to 3x better than other national manufacturers