Not sure what to do with your farm’s waste? Circular Economy is the solution!

Do you have leftover waste on your property and don’t know what to do with it? The circular economy can solve your problems. You’ve probably already read the well-known phrase by the scientist Antoine Lavoisier, who says that “In nature nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed.” Based on this concept, we can define […]

How is burning sugarcane related to global warming and how does it impact your life?

Over the years, there have been several changes in our way of life and the way we relate to natural resources. Among them, we can mention the changes and different ways of managing the soil in agriculture. Its constant disturbance and alteration of physical, chemical and biological properties, caused a reduction in the potential for […]

Composting: how much rock powder to add it?

Many agronomists and producers ask me this question. I usually answer them with another: Are we talking about composting for temperate or tropical soils? In Brazil, composting normally taught (and practiced) has always been that of countries with a cold or temperate climate. In this type of composting, when used to partially or totally replace mineral fertilizer, […]

Discover the benefits that the use of agroecology can bring to rural production

Countless are the benefits of Agroecology for rural production, such as improving the health of the producer and his family… Improving the health of producers and consumers, in addition to the quality of the soil, are among the advantages of this production model Today also defined as a philosophy of life, agroecology is a different […]

6 myths about Agroecology that you have heard in your life

We selected 6 myths commonly heard when talking about Agroecology. Shall we demystify them together? “Agroecology is just an ideology”. In fact, like any entity in the world, agroecology has an ideology. But we cannot allow the commercial interests of the input industry to override the interests of producers and society in general, as well as future […]

Sustainable Agriculture Considerations

Sustainable agriculture takes into account aspects related to the well-being of society and local ecosystems. By AFONSO PECHE FILHO scientific researcher at Agronomic Institute of Campinas – IAC. Sustainable agriculture can be defined as a part of economic development that takes into account aspects related to the well-being of society and local ecosystems. A fundamental point of sustainable […]

With soils without nutrients, Argentina uses agroecology.

Agroecology promotes agricultural production by conserving natural resources and increasing the diversity of species in the soil. An agricultural producer from the Land Workers Union (UTT) grows broccoli that was produced without pesticides (image: UTT) High costs and dependence lead farmers to quit pesticides “With agrochemicals, everything is easier: kill everything that can harm the […]

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